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Learn to remove difficult items from credit reports and manage thousands of clients who pay you a monthly recurring fee. We help credit repair companies to grow — rapidly and sustainably — by taking full advantage of the recurring-revenue business model. Let's grow your credit repair business.

About the American Credit Repair Academy

We are Credit Repair Cloud. We make the world's most popular professional credit repair software. Our customers are mortgage, real estate, auto, finance professionals, attorneys, CPA's, entrepreneurs and credit repair professionals. We make starting or growing your credit repair business easy.

We no longer have paid classes, our training resources are free

We used to have credit repair training classes long ago, but this site is now for free information and free resources only. We no longer teach classes in credit repair. Most people learn credit repair by reading a book and learning with their own credit. Certification is not necessary, so we decided that it was nicer to give away free guides to anyone who wants to learn credit repair, and spend all of our time on building awesome software.

Here are our many free guides

And if you'd rather pay for something

You can find awesome credit repair books on Amazon and search for "credit repair training" on Google. From a book you can learn: Basic thru advanced legal credit repair, rapid score boosting, ID theft, bankruptcy, foreclosure, expert tactics, removing difficult items, marketing, business development, sales, scaling your business, ethics and legal issues.

Our videos are here and they are also in every page of our awesome software.

Additional tools to build your business

A successful credit repair business needs credit repair software and a website. If you have multiple team members, and plans to scale your business, you'll want a cloud-based solution to accommodate your team members, clients, affiliates and leads.

We recommend:

Cloud-based Credit Repair Software CRM

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Credit repair is a high-profit, recurring-revenue business
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