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Credit Repair Cloud   Credit Repair Cloud - The world's first cloud-based Credit Repair Software CRM for mortgage brokers and entrepreneurs. Nothing to install. Access on any internet device. Try it FREE!
Credit Repair Cloud   Credit Repair Business Calculator - How much money can I make with a credit repair business? How much should I charge my clients?
Credit Repair Training Classes   American Credit Repair Academy - Learn to make unlimited revenue with your own Credit Repair Business. Learn the advanced skills of credit repair; How to get clients fast and receive a steady flow of paid referrals, plus proven methods to use the law in your favor to remove difficult items and achieve a high credit repair success rate.
private label credit repair software  

Credit Repair Software Reseller - Have potential clients who would rather do-it-themselves? Offer them your own brand of credit repair software in your own web store! Buy at wholesale, set any price and CHOOSE YOUR PROFIT! Offer to refund the cost of the software if they come back for your services -- 9 times out of 10 they'll return.
WE RECOMMEND THIS FOR OUR STUDENTS AS AN ADDITIONAL REVENUE STREAM. Resellers buy software downloads for as little as $14 ea and resell for $199 or more. More info at

Web Hosting and Instant Business Websites - Instant Hosting and Website for Credit Repair Professionals. An Instant Credit Repair Business site all prewritten and ready for you to start your business (not replicated). Customize as you like and choose your own domain name.
  Credit Card Processing for Credit Repair Services - Apply for a Merchant Account to accept credit card payments from your clients.
Credit Karma - We love this site. Free (really free) credit scores and a fantastic "what-if" simulator.
TrueCredit   TrueCredit  - TrueCredit's expertise is in providing easy-to-read credit reports, scores, analyses and informative and unbiased content. Receive 24 hour notification of critical changes to your credit including fraudulent activity, new inquiries, new accounts, late payments and more.
Credit Keeper - This is the service we use to monitor our own credit scores and reports. Your clients will like them, too. We highly recommend this.
  BondsExpress - Information and resource for surety bonds.
Academy Study Guide   Credit_Academy_101_Study_Guide
Toll Free Numbers - Need a $2 Toll-Free number, online fax or a Virtual PBX Phone System? This is who we use in our offices and we love them. They will sell you a toll free number for $2 a month. It also receives faxes! You can't beat this deal.


Our students are mortgage, real estate, auto, finance professionals, attorneys, CPA's and home-based entrepreneurs.